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Consumer Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This policy describes our rules on how our services can and cannot be used. It applies to all our services.

By using our services you are agreeing to follow our Acceptable Use Policy. We may update this policy from time to time.


You must not use our services to promote or threaten violence towards anyone, abuse or harass anyone, encourage hate. For example, making misleading, offensive, menacing, racist, sexist or discriminatory comments about someone.

You must respect people’s privacy. This means you must not send unsolicited communications to people or groups without their consent (i.e, spam, nuisance calls, hoax calls), deliberately behave in a manner that might harm children or other vulnerable people, otherwise interfere with people’s right to privacy.

You must not use our services for anything that is unlawful or illegal. This includes:

  • promoting or advancing criminal activities
  • hacking computers
  • infringing copyright or other intellectual property rights
  • impersonating someone else, or misrepresenting who you are
  • breaching any codes, licenses, or other regulations that apply to our services
  • doing anything else that might harm us or our services

Account Holder Responsibilities

As the account holder you are responsible for the use of our services by you, anyone who uses it or who you are responsible for (such as family, friends, tenants, visitors), any other devices connected to your network.

You use our services at your own risk. You are responsible for:

  • materials or content you access or put online
  • what you say or do online
  • materials or data on equipment that you connect to our services
  • websites or pages you own, run or control using our services
  • making sure your network and devices are properly password protected

You have to make sure the network and devices you connect to our service have appropriate firewall and anti-virus security software – and that it is all up to date. 

If you share your internet connection with other people, you must make sure your network is secure and does not enable anyone to access it without your permission.

Our Rights

If we think you have breached this policy, we can act. That includes:

  • looking into the breach (we may use your personal details to phone or email you to find out more, or to share our concerns)
  • issuing you with a formal warning
  • restricting your access to any illegal material or data
  • blocking, limiting or suspending your access to any or all of our services
  • stopping your agreement with us, and your access to our services (with or without notice)

In serious cases, we can report you to the police or other law enforcement agency, and give them your personal information.

We might run network and computing systems to find and fix issues covered by this policy (for example if we think your device is vulnerable to malware).

We cannot and do not look at all material or content available on the internet, or other people's activities. We are not responsible for any content or material belonging to other people or companies which you might be able to access through our services. We cannot guarantee to protect you from seeing things you might be offended by.

Sometimes, we might be asked by public bodies, such as law enforcement agencies, to give information about you. If those requests are lawful, we obey them.