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Fully managed, bespoke systems – designed for your business

If you run complex business processes, requiring multiple storage, distribution, networking, and data-management operations, we can use our knowledge and expertise to devise a bespoke, fully managed IT solution for your business. 

Crucially, the system will be housed and operated by us from our highly secure, Tier 3 data centre locations, so you have none of the management, maintenance and security headaches associated with running your own complex IT system. The system we design can include all of the infrastructure and software you need, whether servers, routers, firewalls, Citrix systems – in fact whatever is required to carry out the functions of your business.

Fixed monthly fee – with no capital outlay

You pay a single initial set up cost, and then a simple fixed monthly fee, with no unexpected extras or usage charges.

Your fully managed, scalable solution will enable you to extend your services and increase the scope of your operations, without having to invest in your own capital equipment. It’s a great way to win new clients and expand the appeal of your business – with fast, direct access to much larger, secure resources than you could accommodate in your own premises. We’re happy to show you or your clients or prospects around our data centre to demonstrate the security and integrity of the facility and our systems.

Benefits of a dedicated solution:

System monitored 24/7.

Enhanced security – managed dedicated hardware, firewall and backup.

System built on industry-leading hardware vendors.

Fixed monthly cost – no capital expenditure.